GPS Technology

Save time and money. Increase productivity. Improve security. With AmeriFuel’s customized solutions, you have the tools you need to manage your fuel program and keep a profitable fleet on the road.

Use GPS Technology Today and Be Ready for Better Business Tomorrow

Our advanced GPS system records and reconciles the coordinates of the fueling site and the actual vehicle location when the fuel purchase was made. If there are any discrepancies between the two, you are promptly notified by email.

It will also document all of the details from each transaction. When you utilize the fuel card integration feature, you can:

    • Benefit from instant fuel savings and discounts.
    • Regulate driver fuel transactions by specifying what, when, where and how much can be purchased through customized controls.
    • View all participating AmeriFuel merchants so drivers can be directed to the nearest location.
    • Gauge fuel spending, decrease inefficient practices and terminate fraudulent purchases.
    • Run comprehensive reports for an overall perspective on fleet fuel usage, purchases, efficiency and slippage.
    • Access assistance for IFTA reporting.

With a more accurate picture of your operations, you can achieve greater control over your fleet activity and your fuel expenses—saving you time and money. Using our GPS technology and integration capabilities, you’ll start seeing the benefits today and get prepared for an even better business tomorrow.